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Policy submissions and proposals, providing expert opinion and developing policy guidelines Jatinder has extensive experience in policy development, consultation, preparing briefs for Ministers in the various roles within Queensland Government Policy Publications and Projects:

• Multicultural Affairs Queensland, Department of Communities, Senior Policy Officer (18 months)
• Assisted in Policy development of the current Multicultural Policy Discussion Paper: ‘A Multicultural Future.. for all of us’ and the new Queensland Multicultural Policy;
• Community Consultation organization – facilitated community workshops as part of review of Multicultural Policy across Queensland;
• Prepare high quality policy advice for Director-General and Minister on multicultural affairs, immigration and refugee issues, including (Parliamentary Briefs, Cabinet submissions and discussion papers, Correspondence, Budget Estimate Briefs). Department of Child Safety, Senior Policy Officer Strategic Policy & Research Branch (9 months)
• Demonstrated ability to prepare and develop content for Editions 4 and 5 of the Horizons (child protection research newsletter)
• Prepare policy advice and briefs for the Minister and Director General on child protection legislation, programs (Cape York Welfare reform; Out-of-home care, mandatory reporting for child care workers and complex issues.
• Assessing research proposals and coordinating the quarterly Child Safety Research forums.


Jatinder has been actively involved in advocating for the needs of CALD communities with various state and territories responsible for Child Protection.

In 2009, Jatinder prepared a submission on the needs of CALD communities as part of the National Framework for Protecting Children. As a consequence of that advocacy:

• Department for Families Housing, Community Services & Indigenous Affairs (FAHCSIA) undertook a feasibility study by the National Child Protection Clearinghouse on collecting data on CALD children in out-of-home care
• National Research Agenda to include a project to explore the under-representation/under-reporting of CALD children in the child protection systems.
• Jatinder was invited to become a member of the National Framework for Protecting Children ‘Common Approach to Assessment, Referral and Support’ (CAARS) taskforce and provide advice on developing cultural considerations for CALD communities who come to the attention of child protection authorities.
• Jatinder is member of the Evaluation working group and prepared the CALD case studies which have been incorporate in the Guidance Manual on pages Box 6.2 CALD consideration p22, Case studies 3 & 5. Guidance Manual 11 July 2011


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Child Protection & CALD families bibliography

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Research reviewed:

South Australian 'Exchange' research newsletter: ‘Working with Cultural Diversity’- August 2009, page3
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In 2006, Jatinder conducted research project in Queensland on the 'Assessment Issues faced by Child Protection Investigation Officers when working with CALD families'. At that time she was employed as a frontline child protection officer in Department of Child Safety, and was able to observe that there were a high number of CALD children coming to the attention of CP system and frontline staffs were struggling to deal with the complex cross cultural issues.

She explored the Australian literature and research evidence available, on the interface between CALD communities and child protection, there was no published research in Australia that explored this area (at that time). As part of her research project, she designed and developed the Cross Cultural Child Protection Survey instrument (CCCPS) as the research literature review highlighted that there was no survey tool or assessment tool which explored the concept of cross cultural competence within the child protection setting. The research explored:

• Assessment issues faced by child protection officers when working with CALD families;
• The level of knowledge, training and experience of child protection officers;
• The level of cultural competence of child protection officers;
• Use of interpreters in child protection;
• Structural barriers faced by child protection officer in ensuring culturally sensitive practice with CALD families.

As an exploratory study the research identified key concerns in the provision of child protection practice, policy and service delivery when working with CALD families in the child protection system (from the level of training received by the department to formal University studies). The research highlighted the need for child protection officers to have the opportunity to attend CALD specific training and also the need for the development of cross cultural competence training specific to child protection. The qualitative findings highlighted that 'cultural sensitive' practice was identified by the child protection caseworkers as:

• Demonstrating an understanding of effective diverse child rearing practices and norms;
• Cross-cultural communication and engagement;
• Referral for appropriate support services;
• Placing the child with kin or extended family network. Jatinder Kaur UQ graduate profile